What is stock trading?

Stock trading refers to the buying and selling of stocks, i.e. shares of a company on the stock exchange. Trading stocks allows you to make money when a company’s stock market value goes up or down. Stocks on the other hand are shares in the equity of a company that is listed on the stock trading exchange.

Assume you own stock in a company whose value rises as a result of the development of a new, innovative product. When this happens, the stock price of the company usually rises as well. You can now sell the stock for more than you paid for it. As a result, you benefit from so-called price increases.

Essentially, there are two kinds of stock trading:

  • Day trading: refers to investors watching the stock market every day. For example day trading in Canada is when Canadian traders sell or buy shares depending on how well they perform, according to ForexCanada.ca guide. Attempts are made by investors to profit from daily price increases. They aren’t interested in long-term investments; instead, they are looking for quick profits. The disadvantage is that the risks are much higher here. After all, no one can predict whether a stock will rise or fall in value with certainty.
  • Long-term investment: entails purchasing shares or investing in an equity fund. Then they hope for a positive development in the stock or fund’s value. A stock fund is a type of basket that contains a variety of stocks. You can spread your money out and reduce the risk of losing it this way. A so-called ETF or index fund is a special equity fund. A computer algorithm is used to simulate a stock index in this case. As a result, ETFs have a lower risk profile than individual stocks, making them ideal for private investors.


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When choosing an account type, traders should consider their personal experience and their trading strategy. Forex trading carries serious risks for beginners.
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Our company is one of the leading member of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. Credential Stock Brokers Ltd. acquired the membership of NSE in 1996 and since then is being managed by a team of leading professionals under the active supervison and guidance of CA D.K.Agrawal, Managing Director cum chairman of the company. The company has also tie up for Bombay Stock Exchange dealing. We are having trading facility in Capital Market Segment and Derivative Segment of NSE with self clearing Membership in F & O Segment also. We are also having our own Depository with CDSL. The key strength of our company is honesty. Our MD Mr. D.K.Agrawal has a vast experience of more than 25 years in the stock market of India and he himself is one of the best technical as well as fundamental analyst. Hence, our clients are always benefited by his advise. Our Company believes with 100% client satisfaction. We have track record of NIL complaint by our clients which is a matter of proud for us.


Fluctuations of exchange rates in the Forex market occur every second and every second the investor has the opportunity to earn, provided that the forecast is correct regarding the further movement of the selected currency. The leverage provided by the Company makes it possible to profit from even the smallest movements. For example, an increase in the EUR / USD rate from 1.4250 to 1.4350 (i.e., by only 1 cent) with a 1: 100 leverage will allow you to earn on a transaction with a minimum volume of $ 100. Taking into account the fact that the rate in one day can fluctuate within 2-3 cents, subject to competent forecasting of the rate, Internet trading in the Forex market opens up ample opportunities for earning. Use the forex brokers in India to open a forex account.


Forex is not a closed club of dedicated people. Anyone can start working on the market by opening a demo account in order to eventually move on to real trading. A demo account is an excellent opportunity to acquire practical skills in internet trading without risk, since a demo account does not require real money investment and allows you to set any size of the initial deposit.    



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