How Tesla’s stock price could get worse

Tesla shares have been on a tear, jumping nearly 30% in the past week.

But it’s not just the stock price that has been soaring.

It’s the number of shares being issued each quarter.

Tesla has issued more than 2.5 billion shares since April.

That’s more than double the amount it issued in 2016, according to FactSet.

That means Tesla is issuing more shares than it’s ever issued before.

Tesla is also issuing a lot of shares at a time.

Tesla’s stock is up nearly 15% in a year.

The next closest company to Tesla is Boeing, which issued 3.7 billion shares in 2016.

The number of Boeing shares issued in 2017 was just under 1 billion.

While Tesla is making more than twice as many shares as it’s issued in a single year, the stock is still trading at a discount to the price of the common stock.

Tesla’s current market cap is $69 billion.

That would make the stock a bargain if Tesla’s quarterly earnings grew by 10% or more.

It would still be a bargain compared to the company’s stock prices, but it would be far more than its peers.

Tesla stock price compares to other companies Tesla is a very large company.

Its stock is worth more than $1.3 trillion.

That puts it in the top five companies in terms of market cap, according ToBeAdvisor.

Tesla has also been one of the biggest drivers of Tesla’s rapid growth.

In 2017, Tesla issued 2.1 billion shares.

That makes Tesla the company with the largest quarterly dividend, which is worth about $25 a share.

Tesla had its biggest quarterly dividend ever in 2017, thanks to its stock price increase.

Tesla was also the largest stock issuer of cash.

Tesla shares have outperformed the market in recent months.

The company is trading at more than 17 times the price it earned in 2017.

That translates to a gain of $13 billion in six months.

In comparison, its stock has only grown by $8 billion.

Tesla also has a healthy cash position, thanks in part to its investments in batteries.

Tesla is also a very profitable company.

In 2017, the company reported a $1 billion profit on sales of $19.3 billion.

In 2018, it earned $7.4 billion.

The average revenue per share in 2019 was $21.5.

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